Becoming a Radiologic Technologist AVAILABLE NOW!

Does the idea of selecting the right educational program for radiologic technology seem overwhelming?  Have you already selected a training option that’s right for you, but are not sure what to expect from the radiography program and the training you will receive?

Becoming a Radiologic Technologist pulls together the information you need to find the school that’s right for you and walks you through the two-year radiography program laying out expectations, tips for student success and future career pathways in radiology.

Becoming a Radiologic Technologist is divided into three parts:

Part One – Considering Life as a Radiologic Technologist
  • Sorts truth from fiction about what an average day looks like as a radiologic technologist
  • the current and future job market to provide realistic expectations
  • Distinguishes the significant differences between the many school options available to you
  • Provides a short self assessment to help you determine if radiologic technology is the right career choice for you
  • Discusses how various schools select students through different application processes

Part Two – Life as a Student Radiologic Technologist
  • Tips for achieving success as a radiography student
  • What is expected of you and what you can expect from your program
  • Do’s and don’ts for professional behavior in the health care setting
  • Wrapping up the student experience and considering advanced training

Part Three – Life as a Radiologic Technologist
  • Congratulations!  You successfully completed the radiography program
  • I’m working as a radiologic technologist, and I want to specialize.  Where do I go from here?
  • Higher education as a radiologic technologist 

    When I first entered the field twelve years ago, there was limited information available about radiography programs.  Fast-forward to 2012; this hasn’t changed much except for the large amount of misinformation presented on the internet as fact from writers with no professional background in the field of radiography.  I wrote this book as a response to that misinformation, as well as an answer to the many frequently asked questions I receive from prospective students of radiography. 

    Far from being a textbook, Becoming a Radiologic Technologist shares some of my most valuable lessons learned from personal experiences in the field.  Combined with detailed and practical information provided, this book will serve as a terrific guide as you pursue a career in the field of radiography!

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